4.5 – So long, farewell

My poor Pollards really are on the back burner. I’ve lost interest in them, in part because the save is still throwing back weird glitches at me, and I think I’ve done enough to salvage it already. I’m ending it with Marion’s 18th birthday.

I’ll save them to the bin and perhaps continue as a random legacy, or just let Marion rest for a bit. I like her face, so I’d like to use her for something. Maybe even – gasp! – write a story. But I’m not making any promises.


Here she is with her bluebird.

Screenshot-115Remember Raven Black, the vampire Marion tried to woo? She was too filthy for him to take an interest last time we saw them together.


“I’ve taken a bath today, you can kiss me now!”


Done and done.


“So are you a nice young man, besides being a blood sucking freak?”

“Of course, Mr. Pollard! And I mostly eat plasma fruit. Mostly.”



Someone just maxed their career!


Portrait of Marion.



Seems to be missing a part. Maybe we’ll give it another go.



Gnome fest.


The witch gnome has an oddly sweet little face.


Am I the only one who lets their sims read the paper? Not daily but often enough. I just like how it looks.


Moonlighting is supremely dull.


I don’t blame the bartender for giving up her place behind the counter so easily.


Marion & her bestie.


Spring festival moves


I saw this sweet cat by chance, she’ll be the mother of Lirim’s kittens for sure. Lirim means Freedom in Albanian. Random, I know.


With her sibling.


Riley is being really annoying and picks fights with everyone (inappropriate trait).




She looks like she has a bad tooth ache.


Amazing dress sense, as per sim usual.


For a babysitter, you have a cute face.


Ghostface killah


Self-portrait is nearly done.


Hi Fred!


yep yep


Time to grow up!


Cake time!



Should be no big surprises here.


Nope, still gorgeous.

And that’s it for Pollard. It was a lot of fun until I had to leave Rugged Harbour.


Oh, and this is Lirim’s son, Bondi. After the beach. Again, random.

Thanks for following Pollard! I’m still active on Absolutely Cuckoo. See you there. 🙂



12 comments on “4.5 – So long, farewell

  1. autumnrein says:

    I’m here!! Sorry to hear about the Pollards but I know how you feel. I’ve lost interest in my Simply Life ISBI I think so I may end it at the end of the generation. I’m glad you’ll be keeping the Sims just in case *cough* you know, the story idea *cough*. See you with the Cuckoos!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So sorry your game is still being mean. 😦 However, it’s so so hard to interest in a game that doesn’t want to be played. Thank goodness the Cuckoos are still around! Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ixot says:

      I know, it’s a bitch. Saving the whole family to the bin just to continue with generation 5 has little appeal to me. After all, the random legacy offers more variety and there’s no point system.


  3. fluffymao says:

    Aw man! Sorry about your save. Glitches suck. I’ll miss your Pollards. 😦 But it would get even worse for you if you forced yourself to keep writing it. Write what you like. I’ve certainly enjoyed your stories thus far (makes mental note to see if you have any others) and will continue wordpress stalking. 😉

    Also, Marion is super adorable as an adult! I will be soooo excited if you use her to start a new legacy or something. So much amazement! ^_^


    • ixot says:

      Thank you, and yeah it does suck, it was 5 generations after all (I’ve played ahead so Marion had a kid, but it seemed better to just stop at her 18th birthday when I knew I’d abandon the save eventually). I have high hopes for actually finishing my ISBI though, I’m not bored with it yet, and it’s fairly glitch & lag free. Then again, an ISBI is never really a “story”. 🙂

      She’s so friggin cute! I kind of want to start a new legacy with her right away just because.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. So very annoying when the save plays up like that! My ISBI was playing up for ages, I was on the verge of saving everyone to the bin – then tried one last thing, and rolled back to the previous patch (before Origin was forced to be open while playing) – that fixed mine! Totally get what you mean about feeling stale, though, my EPIC felt like that around gen 4/5 too.

    Marion is gorgeous, at least they breed pretty 😀


    • ixot says:

      Law/criminal generation doesn’t appeal to me, so that’s also part of why I grew tired. I knew from the beginning that generation would become a problem (I don’t like playing police or thief, also don’t enjoy playing evil), but I thought I’d be able to troupe on. But not enjoying the career path + lots of glitches was too much against me. It isn’t a patch problem at least, I never downloaded the last patch because I have too many mods that would break if I did.


      • Fair enough, hard to troupe through if you’re not enjoying the career/generation. Strange how some saves are all glitchy and others aren’t – my game is the same that way.


  5. Aw it’s too bad the glitchiness of the save has turned you off from playing it. But congrats for making it so far! This is one of the more difficult challenges imo.

    I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with the Cuckoos!


    • ixot says:

      I know. 😦 It’s never fun to have to abandon a legacy after several generations, especially when you’ve invested some effort too. But thank you for reading! 🙂


  6. By any chance, do you have Marion up for download? She is incredibly gorgeous and I’d love her genetics. And that sounded uber creepy. XD


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